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LULO Kitchen & Bar

We heard about Lulo Kitchen & Bar from our friends only recently, and they were singing nothing but praise for the excellent breakfast menu. This could be the place for a weekend brunch or a nice late breakfast. But the breakfast menu at Lulo is served all day, every day!

The interior has an “art noveau” look. A nice mixture of different types of furniture seems to go together, added with a touch of France here and there. Check out how playful the rugs are put. Upside down! But this cute dining area gives way to a more dimly lit and sensual bar area. A cool juxtaposition there.

wo of Lulo’s best selling (non breakfast) dishes are the Roasted Whole Baby Chicken with Roasted Baby Potato and Vegetables (90k), and the Wagyu Beef with Wasabi Mayo (135k). The chicken is roasted to perfection, slightly crispy on the outside but tender inside, and accompanied perfectly by a special home made gravy. The Wagyu beef is beautifully served on a banana leaf on top of a heavy wooden platter, and the wasabi mayo adds a certain zing to the dish.

Craving for some rice? The ‘Fast ‘N Easy Rice’ dishes are just the thing. We highly recommend that you give the Dori Fish Fillet with Sambal Matah and Rice (50k) a try. The flavorful kick from the Balinese-style sambal matah is wonderful. This is another crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why.

Sometimes there’s nothing like a scoop of ice cream or two for dessert, and Lulo takes it to another level with their fantastic Home Made Ice Cream. Priced at 35k each, the complex flavors of the Red Velvet and the Thai Ice Tea ice cream here are to die for.

As for the cocktails, we picked three of the signature drinks here, with very interesting names. Go for the Pink Love (85k) – A smooth mix of Sambuca, Absolut Kurant, Cointreau, sweet and sour, plus simple syrup, or the Hanoi Hooker (85k) – Absolut Kurant, Jack Daniels, Grand Marnier, Blue Curacao, Cointreau, and Strawberry Hershey Syrup. And how can we pass on the Adios Motherf**ker (85k) – a potent blend of Absolut Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Bacardi Light Rum, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, with a dash of Sprite! Kudos to the bartenders!

From the all-day breakfast menu to fabulous cocktails and everything in between, Lulo is ready to shake up Jakarta’s dining scene.  (Budi Iskandar)

Lulo Kitchen & Bar
Jl. Kemang Raya 20A, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 718 2302

Opening hours:
11 am – 1 am (until 3 am on weekends)
Sunday brunch hours: 7 am – noon
Twitter: @lulojkt


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