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Experience the roaring Twenties at PUBLICO Bistro & Wine Bar!


The great illustrious Jazz era of the New York 1920’s comes to life at this fine establishment perfectly nestled in the heart of cool Senopati. Over three stories, Publico brings forth a conceptual design of the glorious art deco architectural style that is the vein and breathing heartbeat of the flapper era.
In terms of food, Publico certainly stands apart with the addition of the legendary Inka Grill, imported directly from England and the one and only in Indonesia! This unique grill brings out the best in the Black Angus Sirloin, Black Angus Tenderloin, Rustic Lamb Chops and other delicious meats. Other notable dishes to try here are the Beef Tenderloin Fussili, Creamy Smoked Scallop, Crispy Soy Glazed Black Cod, Prawn Aglio Oglio and the Oven Grilled Chicken Breast Stuffed with Pesto.
As for the drinks, check out some of the prohibition era cocktails, which you will unlikely find at other similar establishments. The selection of drinks brings together the golden age of New York and modern twists with feisty cocktails such as Maiden Moonshine, Gentlemanís Port, Le bleu de France, Mango Cabana and others that guarantee to live up to your night. Publico Bistro & Winebar aims to not only be the best in Jakarta’s modern food and beverage industry, but also to set a high standard for their guests, where you can dine with impeccable service at a wonderful and unique setting. This is one new place that you should definitely check out!

PUBLICO Bistro & Winebar. Jl. Senopati Raya 65, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190. Ph.: (021) 5296 4960.


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