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Cow Feed Resto

“Let the salads entertain you” says the motto at The Cow Feed Resto. Entertain us they did, and then some!

A big metropolis like Jakarta has its fair share of pollutants and unhealthy habits. The many junk food joints are definitely convenient, but some times you just feel like having a little detoxification of your own. After all, your body is your temple, isn’t it?

Thankfully, now there are a good number of restaurants popping up in Jakarta that cater to the growing number of customers looking for healthier (but still great tasting) alternatives for their meal. And that is why an eatery like the interestingly named The Cow Feed Resto is a blessing. Located at Rasuna Epicentrum, this restaurant opened its door on July 15 of last year.

The Cow Feed Resto is serious about their salad. Check out the full salad bar with a choice of more than 40 ingredients and 10 different dressings!
Priced at 25k for regular size and 35k for large, “Make Your Own Salad” is an adventure in itself here. You’ll have the pleasure of making your own salad, tossed a la minute, with a plethora of healthy vegetables and fruits to choose from.

First, pick a base of your choice; from mixed greens, fusilli pasta, vermicelli noodle, brown rice, to couscous! Then, you move on to the colorful veggies and fruits; from broccoli to apples, bell peppers to mangoes, and everything in between.
The restaurant has a good selection of salad dressings, from balsamic vinaigrette, honey Dijon, classic caesar, fresh lemon and oil, extra virgin olive oil, all the way to the more exotic Thai dressing, Japanese wafu, and basil pesto. We can tell you that they are all delicious!

In addition to the normal salad fixings, there are premium toppings, at 10k a piece, such as marinated grilled chicken, teriyaki salmon, sirloin steak, and tuna that’ll put a bit more zing on your salad.

There are also a number of prepared salad dishes ready for you at The Cow Feed Resto, like the Ave Caesar, French Nicoise, or La Chinoise. All priced at 45k.

Salads are not the only thing on the menu. The main dishes are equally exciting here. The Cow Feed Burger (55k) is a favorite for many patrons; freshly ground beef patty, served with green and red peppers, cheese, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, cucumber salsa, and Dijon mustard. Craving  pasta? The spaghetti with Savory Herb Meat Balls (40k) will do the trick. While the Beef Yakiniku Donburi (40k) is an Asian delight of Australian beef, sautéed with Yakiniku sauce, served with steamed rice and miso soup. But one dish that stands out is the wonderful Grilled Lamb Rack (150k). It is tender rack of lamb, served with ratatouille and couscous, with aromatic herbs and spices that are just bursting with flavors!

As for refreshments, try their mocktails, such as the Green Cow Boy (green lychee syrup, orange juice, soda water) and the Cow Girl (orange juice, yogurt, simple syrup, soda water).  All priced at 30k. And don’t forget their great tasting smoothies (35k, respectively), like the Strawberry Oatmeal (fresh strawberries, bananas, oatmeal, soy milk, vanilla syrup, simple syrup) and the Marquisa Squash (marquisa/passion fruit, marquisa syrup, Sprite).

The desserts of Crème Brule (25k) and Fruit Tartlette (25k) are definitely to die for. OK, so we had our sweets too. But hey, didn’t we balance it with our salad? Haha…!

All in all, this eatery is a great addition to Jakarta’s culinary delights.

(Budi Iskandar)

Cow Feed Resto
Rasuna Epicentrum, Epicentrumwalk, 1st floor,
Jakarta. Ph: (021) 2994 1642

Twitter: @Thecowfeedresto
Facebook: Thecowfeedresto


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