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AVORIO | Ristorante Italiano & Bar

Yeah, it may be inside a mall, but brace yourself for an amazing Italian epicurean experience that is uniquely Avorio!

It was one of those mini reunions. Some old high school buddies and I had been planning a night out for a while now, and since a couple of us who live outside of Indonesia happened to be in town, it was the perfect occasion for our meeting.

We wanted an Italian dinner, and decided on Avorio at Plaza Senayan. Since its inception almost three years ago, this stylish restaurant has been serving a mix of hearty classic Italian bistro fare and modern creations. The decor is modern, but with a bit of retro tastefully thrown in. We especially liked the wine cabinet and the Italian posters on the wall.

It’s always nice to see your old friends, and very soon our conversation started to flow freely. (thanks in no small part to the first bottle of wine). The corkage fee at Avorio starts from 200k for regular wine and spirits, and goes up to 250k for the premium stuff.

But now it was time to eat. We started with the vitello tonnato (68k). This appetizing dish of thinly sliced roasted veal with tuna mayonnaise foam looks like a work of art on the plate. The meat is succulent, and the sauce superb. We also tried the pan fried scallops (110k), which consisted of pieces of giant scallops with balsamic spinach topped with crispy ham. What a great way to start our dinner!

On to the pasta dishes. Avorio prides itself for having homemade pastas and prime quality imported ingredients. Only the best seems to make it to the table, and so with this in mind, we ordered up a couple of tasty ravioli dishes: the salmon ravioli (78k) with lemon cream and dill sauce, and the beetroot ravioli (75k) with brown butter, poppy seed and crispy parma ham.

We also had the sea bass a la carte (95k), which consists of oven-baked pacific sea bass fillet with tomato and black olives. We just had to share the Mexican-style Santa Fe pizza (78k) with spiced chicken, guacamole and jalapeño really made our night.

Avorio does have an extensive selection of wine, but on the night we also decided to give their signature martinis a try. A couple of them made it to our martini ‘hit list’. First, there’s the Bunnylicious (92k), a blend of Frangelico, passion fruit, orange infused gin, shaken vigorously and served straight up martini style. As for the second one, don’t let the cute name fool you: the Tinkerbelle’s Breakfast (92k) is a potent mix of orange, dissolved with Tanqueray Gin, Cointreau and citrus nectar. Gorgeous texture and a bittersweet flavour. Both highly recommended.

Another thing: Please make room for the delectable desserts. We ordered the chocolate devil (48k); layers of chocolate devil cakes with rum, and the chocolate volcano (48k). This warm melted chocolate volcano cake with wild berry and banana ice cream just explodes with taste! The former was sinfully scrumptious, while the latter was just heavenly. There goes our waistline, but it’s so worth it…! After a great night like that, another visit to Avorio is most definitely on the cards methinks.

Avorio Ristorante Italiano & Bar
Plaza Senayan P4 floor.
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Jakarta Selatan
Tel: (021) 5790 0277

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 11am – 11pm
Weekends: 11am – 1am


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