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Two elementary school students vandalise school
Posted on March 26 2013 | 535 views


Two students reportedly ransacked the principal’s office and defaced the walls with threatening messages after an incident involving a teacher upset them.

A security guard discovered the damage on a routine check on Saturday night. He was surprised to find the principal’s office open and the lights on. When he went to investigate, he discovered the office furniture had been overturned and threatening messages covered the walls.

Damage could also be found in adjacent offices. Police were called to investigate what was suspected to be a crime scene and soon tracked down the culprits.

The boys, aged 9 and 11, students at a local Tabanan school in Delod Peken, were reportedly upset after being slapped by the school’s gym teacher. They climbed the fence on Saturday night, vandalized the offices and put obscene and threatening messages on the walls.

“I saw angry writing, the tone was very threatening,” said the security guard.

Tabanan’s Chief of Police, Purwono, said the boys admitted to the vandalism and claimed they were upset by the actions of a teacher.

“They’re still kids and we want to provide coaching. However, we also recognise the teacher’s action and will investigate the slap,” he said.

Yesterday, police sent investigators to the school to speak with the boys. Apparently the boys have a history of misbehaving and they have had warnings in the past for vandalism, including throwing rubbish and debris around the school.

“People here know the boys are naughty, even their friends will admit that,” said one resident. The boys live in a boarding house next door to the school and are familiar faces in the area.

The gym teacher, on the other hand is known to be jovial and popular. The local security guard claims the teacher maintains good discipline and is always fair. It is believed the boys were cautioned about being too rough in the class.

Several items of evidence have been secured by the police, including one note written by the boys, which reads, “Hand over Rp. 500,000 or you will die”.


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