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Fruit prices increase before Galungan
Posted on March 26 2013 | 491 views


The cost of local and imported fruit at large markets across Bali continued to rise ahead of the Galungan holidays.

A number of consumers at Amlapura market – one of East Bali’s biggest, voiced their concerns that along with the scarcity of imported exotic fruits, the cost of local produce such as Malang apples, Kintamani oranges, durian, duku, rambutan, and guava is higher than normal.

Local fruit merchant at Amlapura, Widnyani, explained that many imported fruits such as Fuji apples and Mandarin oranges are completely out of stock, with most wholesale depots and terminals also stretched to the limit.

Yesterday morning, markets across Bali were reported to be heaving with locals all stocking up throughout the day for the Hindu holiday.


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