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Endangered animals found in villa
Posted on March 26 2013 | 817 views


Bali police secured five endangered animals in Villa Pasti I, Perancak village, Jembrana, Bali on Friday (22/03).

The animals discovered were two estuarine crocodiles, two yellow and orange crested Cockatoos, and a peacock. One more crocodile was found dead at the site.

Deputy Director IV of Bali Police, Tri Kuncoro claimed not to know the cause of death of the animal. When securing the five endangered species, police found the owner already building spaces for the animals. Unfortunately for him, the owner couldn’t produce the ownership documentation of the animals to the police.

As a result of his actions, the alleged owner of these endangered species is looking at time inside jail and a hefty fine.

“The suspect is facing imprisonment of five years and a fine of Rp. 100 million,” Tri said at a news conference yesterday.

The occupant of the villa, a Japanese citizen with the initials MT, was still being questioned. Police said there were four other people involved also being interviewed.

MT claims he was protecting the animals and he planned to take care of them because he was concerned about their environment.


Tempo: Polda Bali Amankan Lima Satwa Langka

Photo: www.sundarban.org



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