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Guy J | Fri Jul 26



Guy J | Mint club | Friday July 26 – 

In the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, where psy trance dominates, there is one DJ in the school of house and techno that one should watch out for. That DJ is Guy J. Guy is one of today’s most emotive DJs and producers in Israel. He started producing at 14 and finally matured to the big league at 21, when his first release was brought forth for the world to hear.

House, techno.

Where you might have heard him
2007 saw Guy jump up the ladder of DJ rankings with his single “Save Me”, which was quickly snapped up by John Digweed to be released on his Bedrock imprint. Having had this rock solid start, Guy continued adding to his body of work by adding his debut album entitled Esperanza to his portfolio in 2008. In that album, he displayed his versatility for mixing house, techno, electro and electronica elements. His later releases also found their way to the market through another big-name label, Turbo, which has its own loyal listeners. Last year, Guy begun his most rewarding project yet by creating a label of his own called Lost & Found (a sub-label for Bedrock).

Why see him
His sounds travel far beyond the Israeli border. Guy’s innate talent and technical mastery have enabled him to create a rather large name for himself in house music. If you love exploring fine tunes and dancing on full emotions, then head down to Mint on July 26.

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