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Editorial 375 - Are there too many cars on the road? Too many hotels going up? Too hot? Too expensive? Too much reklamasi? There are a lot of things to think about on this island nowadays. Just in the last couple of years...


Top seven things you miss about Bali when you leave…
1. Traffic. Ok, not in the sense that it’s extremely slow and busy, but navigating Bali traffic...


Warung Pepe
Just a short hop out of the Kuta melee lies the unassuming Warung Pepe – a no frills venue for anyone...
Vip Meal Deal: Velvet Restaurant @Beachwalk Mall Rooftop Lv. 3, Sahid Kuta
PRICE – 485k VIP PRICE – 412k Whenever you’re in the Kuta area and feel like having diner...


Paddy Time!
That Stripe Beach Dress 549K, True Story Festival Bag 349K Zara Cami 449K, Montana Denim Short 799K Splice...
Make Your Move!
Ray Combi Playsuit 685K, Lucky Bag 435K by Bali Boat Shed Feather Dress 595K, Feather Short 415K by Bali...

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Bali Dynasty Resort
A perfect sanctuary for travelers with family with convenient access to Bali’s excitement hub. LOCATION Bali...
The Samaya Bali Seminyak
A perfect sanctuary to rest your body in the middle of Seminyak. LOCATION The Samaya Bali Seminyak...

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 Big Shows over the next few weeks in Bali

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Monika Kruse | Saturday November 8
Woo Bar | Saturday November 8 Roots Monika Kruse is a techno DJ and producer hailing from Berlin,...
Perfect Strangers_web
Perfect Strangers | Saturday November 1
Bounty | Saturday November 1 Roots Perfect Strangers is the Australian female duo of Bec Lacey...

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2014-10-19 COCOON SPLASH
Splash @Cocoon
Sunday, Oct 19 All the beautiful people congregated at Cocoon to enjoy tunes from our favourites Jamie...
Tolak Reklamasi @Padang Galak
Sunday, Oct 19 It was an exciting day of music, performance and protest at Padang Galak with SID,...


Bertahan, Acrylic on Canvas, 160 x 160 cm 2014_web
Whose Canvas : Putu Aan Juniartha
After several years living on the island of Java, Putu Aan Juniartha decided to return to Bali, developing...
7 Lentera | Now – October 30 | Artstock Gallery
Celebrating its opening, ArtStock Gallery is holding a visual art exhibition titled “7 Lentera”....

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